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Leadwork & Roofing

leadwork and roofing

Lead has been in use since Roman times, when lead casting techniques were used to construct water pipes in various lengths and diameters

Lead's main features are durability and the ease with which it can be melted, cast, jointed and decorated for a variety of architectural uses. Much of our historic lead work has been lost through theft and poor repair work has affected the surviving stock. Every effort must be made to conserve what remains.  

On over half the projects undertaken by Stonecraft Restoration, we are asked to complete the architectural lead work, ranging from simple abutment flashings to rain water heads; from downpipes and water cisterns to roof embellishments and even statuary decorative elements. 

Roofs are an important feature of old  buiIdings both historically and aesthetically. The roof structure is usually one of the methods used to date an early timber frame building. 
We cover Munster and all of Ireland.