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Facade Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of a building’s façade can make a significant difference to its appearance. We use thermatech steam cleaning techniques, a gentle thorough method which doesn’t saturate the structure. 

Stonecraft Restoration specialises in all aspects of stone cleaning, stone restoration and stone repairs. Stone cleaning is a complex process and we utilise state-of-the-art systems and methodologies to ensure the best possible results are achieved. It is crucial that the correct method of cleaning is used depending on the type of stone, level of deterioration and nature of soiling. Therefore, we carry out initial trials and analysis prior to selecting the best method or combination to be used. These may include multiple nebulous water sprays for limestone facades, hot water vacuum for internal work, Thermatech and Vortech heritage cleaning systems, low pressure steam cleaning and poultice cleaning for delicate crafted areas and where water is not permissible.
We cover Munster and all of Ireland.